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We are focused on achieving exceptional results with analytics and reports that will have a lasting impact on your business. We believe in making the difference.

Report Building

All our systems produce detailed automated reports however, we do take the liberty to clean up the data for our clients and prepare much simpler target dashboard reports on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on preference. This is a free service we provide to support organization and capability building with our unique approach to change management. Helping clients understand their business better than ever before through analytics.

Data Analytics

We use advanced analytics strategies, helping clients derive competitive advantage from their data assets and analytic capabilities. We deploy advanced analytics for decision support, helping clients improve operational effectiveness and efficiency through innovative uses of data and analytics. We help clients build the advanced analytics organization and capabilities required to execute strategies and deploy decision support applications.

Website Analytics

There are many metrics that measure engagement but page views are not one of them. Make your website better by measuring actions, instead of page views. We give you the ability to easily measure what people are doing on your website. Which button drives the most clicks? Which words or phrases are more engaging to people who visit your website? This isn’t only effective for e-commerce sites but it can be effective for any business that wants its website to be more effective.

Tech & Innovations Consulting

Bringing together a significant amount of cross-sector technology and innovation expertise, our team offers the right expertise to help you develop the products and services that are essential for growth in a highly competitive economy. Our technology consulting services will help you realise value from technology. We will work closely with your business to deliver technology-rich programmes. We help you transform your innovation performance for long-term success by combining our technology knowledge with our expertise in strategy creation, product and technology development processes, and organisational development.

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