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Easy to Use

We will get you started in no time. The simplest way to manage your business, practically effortless.

Mobile friendly

We will get you started in no time.Managing your business has never been so simple.


Customized software to fit your specific needs. Streamlined to equal your business’s potential.


High quality customer support. We’re here with you every step of the way lightning quick response.

Loyalty Program System

Increase Traffic To Your Business
Our loyalty program system has been proven to boost growth as well as business revenue. Our system is very easy to use and operate, plus with extensive research that we have put into loyalty programs, we can assure you that our program is the best it can be. Ensuring that you can increase spend at your establishment and thus boost profits.
Best Customer Marketing
Get new customers through direct marketing offers through email and SMS’s integrated within the system, set up your own custom promotions, take advantage of referrals from bookers/members & increase new and repeat sales. Our system can also use your social media platforms and enhance customer engagement.
Know your customers
Our system is specially built to help you achieve bigger and better conversions.Understand your customers’ preferences with insightful analytics.Send push notifications to those customers who have not patronised your establishment for a few months.Know your top customers and get feedback from your customers so that you can improve your services.
Management Systems
Designed for Hotels, Restaurants & Lodges.

Property Management System

Meet all your front office and back office needs.
  • Designed to manage properties of all types & sizes.
  • Mobile optimised with the ability to manage chain branches.
  • Full support & ongoing complimentary training sessions.
  • Manage bookings, owner accounting efficiently & focus on your guests & customers.
  • A Complete solution to help your business run smoothly.


School Management System

Everything your institution could ever need.

  • Manage student attendance, enrollment, timetables & finances.
  • Dashboard portal for parents, students, staff and management.
  • Integrated management teaching and learning tools.
  • Gradebook and reports for management and students.


Designed for Colleges & schools

Designed for small businesses, retail stores, specialty stores & manufacturing companies.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Managing your business has never been easier.

  • Cut costs by automating routine tasks.
  • Improve efficiency of staff.
  • Increase & measure office productivity.
  • Streamline business operations & activities.
  • Replace paper processes.
  • Communicate more efficiently with customers, suppliers and partners.